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Through Experience

I am a Advocate. I am also a brother, a son, a boss and a writer. I have won awards for my athletic ability and given speeches at conventions. Through everything I have done, every person I have met, I am always an Advocate. Bringing awareness about social concerns, political perspective and personal experience will always be my priority. My experience is to be shared in order to help my community and the world.

The best way to be an Advocate is to be a strong presence everywhere you can exist. This means going out with friends, making small chat with a strange on the bus or writing through social media. I meet new people at my job everyday. Talking to people is a strong passion of mine. I love telling jokes and making people smile. The most rewarding point in talking with someone, whether it be a stranger or friend, is to make a genuine connection with that person. I am interested in everyone and would like to share my story with as many people as possible. Smiling at the bus driver, calling a friend, telling a joke to a customer-all enhance my experience in this world.

Through experience, I am getting to understand myself and others better. I love going out and exploring new places. My advice to anyone who is concerned with making a difference is to go out of your “comfort zone” and live! There is so much to learn from whats around you. Even if you think you know your neighborhood like the back of your hand, look closer. There is always more to this world. Every person has a story to tell so go out and listen! While you’re at it, talk to them about what you know. Every day is a chance o expand your experience. Through experience I will always be an Advocate to the world, so I will share my story with you.

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